SIP-system - it is high-quality connection,
with possibility - substitutions of number



The substitution rooms
For calls to mobile and fixed phones, as well as substitution rooms when sending sms.
Play your friends or check how true to you Your girl...

Cheap calls around the world
Call the from 0.001$ without a payment for connection and compulsory deposits. Call without restrictions on time ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! Save on calls to 99%
The system allows to choose the operator 's/gateway and parameters of price and quality in each direction, go to control panel, settings section.
We have the cheapest calls.
Cheaper only silence.

Free calls
This is just the bomb, call on all SIP numbers throughout the world, on any sip provider absolutely free of charge!
Calls within the system SIP numbers are free of charge. The system users can free to call or receive calls from subscribers of other SIP providers, and also to call on Skype or with him ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE!

Sending SMS-messages
You can send sms messages with any number!
It is also possible to send as the single and group messages, from our site, our program or mobile callback-interface. There is a possibility to send using the API.

Direct numbers
IN any country of the world! It is simply unrealistic, but with us it is possible!
you have the opportunity to get direct number in any point of the earth!
Order direct number in any country of the world and you will be able to receive calls Of your clients with a direct number to your SIP-room or on your mobile or a landline phone.

The quality communication
We have the most technologically advanced the equipment, which improves the quality of communication and the transmission of voice.
100% quality tested by thousands of users, who managed to evaluate our services.
Was Your turn, because the future depends only on you!

The callback
You can order her to your landline or mobile phone from your computer or from your mobile phone in the mobile interface in which you will specify two numbers - Your and the called number.
Using our system You can easily and quickly organize your negotiating item in the all programs and advice for the installation, configuration Will be provided to you absolutely free of charge!

And it is far not all of our services!!!

» Services

SIP telephony - from SIP-system

Want to play a friend or colleague at work, and can check his girl ). We render a full spectrum of SIP services, including SUBSTITUTION PHONE NUMBER !!! Changing phone number when making calls and sending sms messages.

The company SIP-system is the only company providing such services on the changing rooms, the rest - this is our providers. Each of them, in the control panel indicated SIP-system

Location calls the from 0.001$ around the world, free of connection fee. We have the cheapest rates - even Skype rest!!! An obvious difference from a similar - it is link quality, check the below- market and opportunity SUBSTITUTION ROOMS!!!

Cheaper is only silence!

We successfully work with the next pay systems:

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