SIP-system - it is high-quality connection,
with possibility - substitutions of number


In the period from 00:01 to 23:59 and (03/08/2012) The cost of SMS Messages (in all directions), will snyzhena almost in 2 times!
Do not forget pozdravyt loved ones of people otpravyv "tёploe" SMS congratulations.
Pryznaytes in Technology and love you people, clean up your feelings otkroyte Your comments secondly, otpravyv anonymnoe message.
Specify in the field Sender - "ILoveYou" and the recipient does not uznaet your phone number, but in a moment Beautiful You Open smozhete hey the truth.
Pozdravte of all devushek / women on Earth with эtym chudesnыm holiday, Ved They do this, deserve!
And we in turn will help you in this.

Do not forget about March 8!

We vыnuzhdenы konstatyrovat fact that the Quantity hacker attacks on Asterisk PBX type in the last 2-3 months znachytelno UVELYCHYLYS! Zloumыshlennyky, yspolzuya SPECIAL skanerы, k is like poluchayut access equipment, after which osuschestvlyayut "plums" in traffic volume of at ohromnыh number in different countries world, harantyruyuschyh receipt vozmeschenyya Calls for Inbox. Usually podobnыe Actions proyzvodyatsya night, at a time when control of the PBX co owners of the parties weakened or altogether absent. Unfortunately, prosmatryvaetsya REAL trend of increase in numbers of k wanting Get access k strange SIP-equipment.

For ysklyuchenyya podobnыh possibility of cases in the system is put into operation SPECIAL module ymeyuschyy view to Lock zvonyascheho expense or ego IP in the event osuschestvlenyya Calls, using Data expense in SIP-system in oboznachennыy promezhutok time. In the event of such appointment promezhutka and Enabling Lock preferred method even when obtaining access zloumыshnnykamy k Vashem PBX at osuschestvlenyy Calls Sending SMS or expense or IP zvonyascheho will zablokyrovan in techenyy 10 minutes maximum, something predotvraschaet Using funds Vasheho expense and "plums" traffic. Inclusion and vыklyuchenye dannoy Fitness Options podtverzhdaetsya otlychnыm from the main password, something not daet opportunity vыklyuchenyya Fitness Options If even zloumыshlennyky ymeyut access k Vashem account.

As well remind you that in the excellence of many from the second VoIP-systems - SIP-system operates SPECIAL ohranychytel, closing opportunity osuschestvlenyya Calls for achievements balance value, the expense, Technology and k zero, even in the event generation odnovremennыh mnozhestvennыh Calls with a SIP-room with a view "plum" traffic. In the outcome, along with Fitness Options for Blocking expense of time during the days we predostavlyaem svoym client truly nadezhnыy mechanism such zloumыshlennykov and hackers.

Novaya Fitness Options for improving the Level Security

In the test mode is entered online support users.
At the moment operatorы SIP-system will be able to be served and otvechat to questions from 10.00 to 17.00 on MSC (MOSCOW TIME).
Also, to some days of online support will work around the clock.
If You have not found the online service provider - not rasstrayvaytes! You always can send thy question in Control Panel or on the site, click "Contacts". in a working day techenyy Your question will obrabotan and vыslan reply (if on potrebuetsya).

Online support

C 20.11 in the system is running SMS-ynformyrovanye on the status of balance account. In Harm Vasheho balance listed below will install mynymuma otoslano predupredytelnoe SMS. Services taryfytsyruetsya how otsыlka an SMS to the system. To balance work services expense dolzhen bыt ie more than the 0.25

SMS-balance condition at ynformyrovanye expense

Vneshnyaya Register - a SIP-Register on third party servers analohychnaya Join beloved second SIP-equipment - phone, adapter, PBX.

When osuschestvlennoy vneshney Join in Calls on vneshnyy SIP-number to kotorыy been osuschestvlena vneshnyaya registration, bell act on inner SIP-number in our system. Ie If, for example, you ymeete or a straight, mobile number to third-party system (for example, Multifon), pereadresovannыy on SIP-number at some lybo Different SIP-system after osuschestvlenyya vneshney rehystartsyy At this number You smozhete prynymat Calls to the number in our system of co everyone add. opportunities - pereadresatsyey, pereadresatsyey on AONu, avtootvetchyka inclusion and p

External SIP-Join accessibility menu "SIP-room."

The system is now on the accessibility of External Join stronnyh SIP-servers!

1. Enter the control panel.

How to replace a phone number

2. IN THE menu choose --- SIP-rooms

How to replace a phone number

3. --- SIP-rooms, in the right part of the window select --- Change

How to replace a phone number

4. IN the opened window "enter data" select --- Number for Aces (without "+") and in this field write any number without the sign"+".

How to replace a phone number

If something is not clear - ask a question.

WITH THE hc. SIP-system

How to replace a phone number

Action!!! The direct number service in a gift.

To get free direct number in the usa should be:

1. Join our group Vkontakte.

2. Write 10 various articles about our service on any site, the forum or blog, not less than 150 characters! Specifying in article link to our site ( Ie prepare the 10 different (not to be spam) articles and place one on each site, the forum or blog. One site is one article!

3. Send message to us, pointing to your page vkontakte and 10 references, where are your articles.

Within the next 24 hours You will receive a direct number.

Action!!! The direct number service in a gift.

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Want to play a friend or colleague at work, and can check his girl ). We render a full spectrum of SIP services, including SUBSTITUTION PHONE NUMBER !!! Changing phone number when making calls and sending sms messages.

The company SIP-system is the only company providing such services on the changing rooms, the rest - this is our providers. Each of them, in the control panel indicated SIP-system

Location calls the from 0.001$ around the world, free of connection fee. We have the cheapest rates - even Skype rest!!! An obvious difference from a similar - it is link quality, check the below- market and opportunity SUBSTITUTION ROOMS!!!

Cheaper is only silence!

We successfully work with the next pay systems:

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